what services do I provide?

first of all, in accordance with the rule which says that strategy is for amateurs. execution is for professionals – I deal with the execution of business undertakings and projects. so if you have a project which you want to execute, do not hesitate to entrust it to me.

I work as an interim consultant and manager. fields in which I feel exceptionally well are as follows: strategic and structural changes, team building (in particular sales teams), the introduction of new products on the market, AC/DC within an organization.

I design original development and training programmes: Sales DreamTeam™; The way of a warrior – Bushido™ code; Team Champions League™.

I design and carry out workshop simulation games and workshops.

I advise on sales and the management of sales, as well as the creation of incentive schemes and management systems.

I ask difficult questions.



is a place where we produce and reproduce algorithms, that is effective operation or proceeding schemes.

schemes constitute basic elements of human skills.

create or invent your own algorithms together with me.