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sales dream team™

Sales DreamTeam™ is a motivational speech introducing an innovative approach to building very effective sales teams which generate high profits for their companies.

Sales DreamTeam™ is truly efffective because it can be applied regardless of:

  • the sales segment
  • the size of the company
  • the size of the team
  • and the experience of the team members.

Sales DreamTeam™ is based on innovative mechanisms which are rarely applied in sales, such as:

  • speed of thought: fast and slow thinking
  • analytical reflection
  • the continual analysis of successes and failures.

Sales DreamTeam™ is based on simple and yet extremely effective tools which haven't been widely applied in sales to date, such as:

  • the matrix of an individual brand
  • the matrix of a team brand
  • the team expose
  • the matrix of profit generation.


price: 1500 net

participants: unlimited  

time: 90 minutes