Sales Dream Team™ 101: Foundations

Sales DreamTeam™ 101 is a workshop in which you will learn about the 3 foundations needed to ensure effective team building, which leads directly to higher profitability.

Sales DreamTeam™ is a workshop for:

  • bosses of companies, owners of start-ups,
  • current and future sales managers,
  • leads for Key Account Manager and Account Director teams,
  • heads of call centre departments and heads of customer service departments.

Sales DreamTeam™ is truly efffective because it can be applied regardless of:

  • the sales segment
  • the size of the company
  • the size of the team
  • and the experience of the team members.

Sales DreamTeam™ is based on innovative mechanisms which are rarely applied in sales, such as:

  • speed of thought: fast and slow thinking
  • analytical reflection
  • the continual analysis of successes and failures.

Sales DreamTeam™ is based on simple and yet extremely effective tools which haven't been widely applied in sales to date, such as:

  • the matrix of an individual brand
  • the matrix of a team brand
  • the team expose
  • the matrix of profit generation.



Three important guidelines on desired attitudes and behaviour prepared by the team and inspired by stories of other leaders.

Foundation 2: NEEDS AND VALUES

Prepared using the 'matrix of needs and values'. This tool will enable the manager to carry out an analysis of the needs of each team member and other stakeholders in business relations. The tool will help the manager to determine consistent values for the team.

Foundation 1: NUMBERS

Prepared with the use of 'the card of numbers and experience'. A tool which will enable your team to use the collective resources and experience of your team. These numbers will be of real significance and the whole team will use them as a reference point.


price: 4000 net

participants: max.12

time: 2days

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