my client gives me the runaround. my salesEgo goes down. what should I do?


assessment: a client does not kick up a row but gives me the runaround. he foxes me and beguiles me. what to do?

#pS - professionalSalesperson finished the conversation with his client and thought:

- again, like last time. promises, assurances and no specific facts. for several months now.

he does nothing but gives me the runaround.

one way or the other. and maybe you can show me this or maybe that?

- one way or the other, and I am all over him like an applicant. how long?

– no, it cannot be done any more.


but what to do?

what to do "Mr Prime Minister"?

how to live?


give up?

no, I really cannot. my pipeline is weak, and my target is like being in a tight spot.

so I dance to his tune.

I do so because he says it is worth it.

I dance because my "salesNose" tells me it is worth it.

but day by day the nose somehow seems to be longer and longer.


but how long can I dance this way?

no, I cannot any longer.

I must talk with another pS[1] about it.

he might know what to do. he might be a "prime minister" and will help.


our worried, distressed pS did not wait for long.


cut, clapperboard and here is a newTake.

two of our pSs, professionalSalespersons are sitting in saskaKępa in the evening.  this lifeline, "meeting with a friend" was perfectly organized.

wpS or a worried professionalSalesperson is talking with the other one, epS[2], or an experienced professionalSalesperson.



you know how it is. he gives me a runaround and beguiles me.

and what do I do? – almost nothing.

I dance to his tune. you know, a few million. it is worth dancing.



I know, I know, I know it. legs hurt, and ego goes down[3].

not good, not good. fortunately, I know what to do.

I will tell you what I do in such situations.


you know PP[4], or a Professional will not leave another Professional when in trouble and will help. a business arrangement, you know, one for all, all for one. listen.



firstly, it is important, you tell yourself: "stop, I am losing". you know, you must admit it to yourself that it is a flop and your dancing won't help.

will it help?

wpS: indeed, it won't. keep talking.

epS: so, are you losing?

wpS: yes, I am. what is next?



it is going to be even harder.

now you must regroup forces[5] and take the initiative, hit. you know, regain control. Can you not challenge your client[6]?



okay, okay, easy to say. but how to do it?



you don't know? take a risk and cards on the table, man.

you do as follows: you make an appointment with this "interestingClient" and after a while when he starts this "game" again, this subtle game, you say:


 - let's talk today not about the essence but about the way you talk with me, you play the "game"[7].

I must tell you about it and you tell the facts straight from the shoulder:


- it has been going on for several months; the process has been getting longer; you don't know what it is all about etc.


you add a few thoughts and emotions to facts such as:

- I think that you cheat me; I feel that way and I think that we are not to strike any deal this way.


after a few facts, thoughts and emotions[8] you ask:

- can we talk about the way you conduct this process with me? where are we? where do I stand? or what can I do to change this state?


and you must do it soundly.

you know. no worries, but in a polite manner.

if you do so, wait for an answer, answers, which determine how the story will continue.


it is important to talk about this situation with your client.


because you don't really know what the other person thinks about and how he feels. and he thinks about something for sure[9]. remember, other people also think. so, do you know what to do?



I do, thanks, man. I'll get down to work.




new take.

a small table on the screen in the background.

two of pSs s are sitting at the table and sipping beer. both are smiling.

pS is smiling because he knows what to do.

epS is smiling because he has helped.


two letters PP in the foreground.

a Professional will not leave another Professional when in trouble. you know that.


epS like Batman will return in the next part.

how can I help you pS, epS?

write to me. I will help. I will ask others and then write a feature.

learning is a cruel master, it must help.

[1] pS – professionalSalesperson, stager, who cut his teeth on sales.

[2] epS – experienced, professionalSalesperson, master of masters in the world of sales.

[3] ego goes down – salespersons generally have high self-esteem. a sense of incompetence, like in this case, negatively affects the motivation treated as a feature – the self-determination theory by Deci and Ryan.

[4] PP – a professional will not leave another Professional when in trouble.

[5] “stop, it’s a failure” model by Nancy A. Newton and PhD in Psychology, Jennifer Thompson from Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Charu Khanna from HumRRO non-profit organization.

[7] not about the essence but about the process: rhetorical technique.

[8] the model of full expression – F. Schultz von Thun.

[9] the theory of mind: the awareness that other people also think.