good morning,

my name is tristan tresar.

my three favourite numbers are as follows: 22, 12 and 12.

the first of them means my experience in sales,

the second – experience in managing sales teams,

and the third – practice as a trainer.


check what I have done.

check what I do.



50 finished cycles of 3.12.48

University of Washington Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

[in progress] the four-courses specialization on public speaking, lasting 21 weeks in total.

[1] introduction to public speaking.

[2] speaking to inform: discussing complex ideas with clear explanations and dynamic slides.

[3] speaking to persuade: motivating audiences with solid arguments and moving language.

[4] speaking to entertain: telling compelling stories in a vibrant voice.

specialization details

do you play with me?_sales trends 2017

it's probably the shortest workshop on clevereness in sales. during two episodes, participants plays 2 sales, market simulations and for 100% they lose. based on experiences teams reflect on failures and makes outcomes what the clevereness in sales exactly is.


algorythmia_sales trends 2017

a short, complex lecture how to discover effective behavioral schemes in sales.

sales trends 2017


Business Trainers School_Master Level

Master School for Business Trainer finished.