3.12.48 instead of CV. instruction manual. step 1.


#quickAssessment: it is the first fundamental part (step 1)

#shortDescription you are just reading my post 3.12.48. you seem to think that it is addressed to you only and to nobody else.

and it is indeed. it is addressed to you only.

to you, expert. to you, professional.

you finish reading. you drink up your coffee or tea. a bit thoughtful you stand up. you leave your company kitchen.

you think: it is cool. she’s managed to do so. why wouldn’t I succeed?

after all, I agree with what is written there. I want the same. just like her.

you get back to your desk. you open your computer. but you don’t get back to Excel. you open Linkedin.

you write a message to tristan tresar:

hello your last post aroused my interest, the one about notLookingForAJob but offeringAJob. about 3.12.48. about algorithmia of professional. can I get some more information? professional.


 you get back to work. you get back to your report, you go to another  meeting.

 in the evening you read a reply:

good evening, of course, you can get some more information.

how about a 15 minute conversation tomorrow. my mobile phone number is 609 99 12 33.

kind regards. tristan tresar.

you send a reply: ok. preferably around 2 pm. my phone number is...... professional. kind regards.

it’s just past 2 pm. the phone is ringing. you answer it.


  • hello, tristan speaking. is that the professional?
  • yes.
  • is this a good time to talk?
  • good.
  • ok. so what exactly do you want to know about 3.12.48?
  • first of all, what is it?
  • ok. sure. 3.12.48 is, in concrete, a way, method of creating your own proposalOfValue, and then, on the basis of it, cooperationProposals.
  • and this proposal is?
  • this proposal is a detailed description of three of your professional competencies. each of the competencies consists of 4 skills. and each of the skills consists of 4 key behaviour patterns. of effective activity schemes.  

1 competence. 4 skills. 16 key behaviour patterns.
3 competencies. 12 skills and 48 key behaviour patterns in total.

  • ok. and what is the goal of creating this proposalOfValue and, on the basis of it, cooperationProposals?
  • goal? you set it. you will decide how to use such a proposal of Value:

you can put the proposal to your future employer (partner).

you can put it to someone with whom you want to cooperate on some project.

you can show it to someone with whom you want to do something.

you can prepare it in order to describe your competencies in detail and get to know them.

you can prepare it in order to feel your value.


  • I know it, tristan. but what goal do you set yourself? what goal do you set us?
  • sure, sure. there are three goals. and that’s why I will ask you three questions, ok?
  • ok. but let’s take, for example, this not looking for a job.
  • ok.
  • do you like looking for a job?
  • no. I don’t.
  • why?
  • you know. interviews undetailed. I send my CV and I get no information. they call, then they don’t get back. etc.
  • exactly. it’s good that you don’t like it.
  • why?
  • because goal number one is to change your point of view. a professional doesn't look for a job. it is unworthy of you. you don't deserve it any more. 10, 15 years of work and what? CV again?
  • yeah. CV again.
  • no, not any more. in my opinion, a CV, in the case of a professional, is something you should forget about. a professional doesn’t send CVs. a professional puts cooperationProposals.


  • ok, cool.
  • and goal number three?
  • goal number three is to convince you that you are able to do a lot and you know a lot about what you are able to do.
  • why?
  • because you are able to do a lot today and you know little about what you are able to do.
  • little?
  • little, because it is connected with the functioning of procedural memory I will tell you about at our first meeting.
  • first meeting?
  • yes, because there are six meetings. each meeting lasts 1.5h. and EACH costs 250 EURO.
  • ok. thanks for this information as well.
  • you’re welcome. it is also important when making a decision. do you know more now?
  • yes, thank you.


  • ok. so yet another important piece of information. you decide if you pay after the first meeting. if it is not for you, you say thank you and that's all. you don't pay for the first meeting. if you consider it to be for you. you already know what we are to do.
  • I know, I know, we start working on 3.12.48.
  • bear in mind that you decide if you pay.
  • check if 3.12.48 is for you.


  • thanks, tristan.
  • I’ll tell you in the next post if I check.
  • ok. thanks for your talk.




#factOne a professional is still looking for a job.

#factTwo a professional is sending CVs.



#conclusionOne a professional is not looking for a job any more.

#conclusionTwo a professional is working on 3.12.48.