[professional story] does your company have a space guide?


in my life, as probably in yours, #importantEvents begin with #normalWords.

and this time was the same.

it all began with word: an alien.

it’s #sequentialReflection on CosmicColourfulMasquerader, or a short professional story about someone who didn't seem to belong to us.

#quickAssessment: it was positive and funny.

#shortDescription: we have met today. in a quiet and nice place. and we started to work right away. it is him. intentionally. he chose the project which he had been running to work on. when he was running it, he was working in my team. not only he was working.

he was working because he joined the team to carry out this project. it was the beginning of this professional story.

he didn’t join the team. he landed in the team. he did so because he was from a different world. he was from the Universe. the project was not from this world, either. it was in this firm, for everyone not from this world. the project came back from the universe a few years ago. from the #colourfulDigital planet.

it was him – for people from this world. for them he was an alien. for me he was not. he was and he is colourful. he lives a colourful life and his clothes are colourful. and he does his hair up colourfully.

he is a #colourfulSpecialist.

others didn’t know about this last colourful specificity.
I did and I was convinced. I remember when he finally began. those from this world often came up to me and said:

- he doesn’s seem to belong to us. he is kind of colourful, with long hair, tattoos. he must be kind of masquerader.

I repeated patiently: wait.

and they waited. not without doubts, however, they did. and they waited until the time of realization and implementation in a few other countries.

and he was proud because he taught them that this universe was important and interesting. 

it was him who took them for this trip. and today this universe is already discovered.


#factOne: the project was not from this world.

#factTwo: he was not from this world, either.


#conclusionOne: if the project is not from this world.

#conclusionTwo: perhaps a man/woman specialist should be not from this world.