is it a nomad's day?


in my life, as probably in yours, importantEvents begin with simpleWords. and this time was no different.

it all began with a word: Journey.



i described my today’s day of work to the person I was talking to, and he said: it is fascinating

it is a journey from one place to another – he added.

i replied nothing. I just smiled. #quickAssessment


perhaps when you experience it, read it, you will also smile.


a nomad’s day

it is 6.00 in the morning. the alarm clock goes off. you turn it off. you get up.

you quietly go into the bathroom. you brush your teeth. you wash your eyes.

you make yourself hot water with ginger and lemon.

you do some exercises. you drink hot water. you change your clothes and leave.

you pass your neighbour. you say good morning to him. he doesn’t answer, as usual.

you think: he lives in his own world. let him live this way.

you leave the staircase. you put on the headphones. you open an application.

you run. light training today – 5km. you listen to your audiobook. you can hear your breath.

you ran up to your place. you come back home. you greet your wife. you smile.

you jump into the bath. you wash yourself. you get dressed. you talk to your children. you talk to your wife.


you leave. you don’t go by car because you don’t like doing so.

you get on the bus. you get to the underground.

you watch people on the underground. and you start reading.

you get off in the city centre. from the stop, you get to the place of your first meeting. 

you are there 30 minutes before, as planned. you come into a nearby café and order some tea.

you take a blank piece of paper and start writing. you determine what kind of meeting it will be.

the first meeting is in Waryńskiego St. you enter a room.

yourInterlocutor1 follows you. it is already your third meeting.

you help him to describe his 3competencies. it is you who chairs the meeting.

you talk. you ask questions. you write answers down. you go deeper.

you ask your interlocutor about conclusions. you write them down. you say goodbye and arrange to have another meeting.


you look around. the watch on your mobile tells you it is 11.35.

the first meeting lasted 1.5h. as planned. you enter the same café.

this time you order some water. on the same piece of paper as before, but below.

you write what meeting it was. and you compare the results with expectations.

you write conclusions down. you send the summary to the person you have just met. you smile. you are satisfied.

you leave the café at about 12.05.


getting to another place of meeting takes you 30 minutes. it is 12.35. the meeting starts in an hour.

you look for a greasy spoon. you find it. you order cottage cheese dumplings and fruit compote.

upon eating, you determine your expectations of another meeting again.

you get to the place of meeting at about 1.25 pm.

it is the first meeting. you sit in the room and wait. you ask for a green tea.

yourInterlocutor2 enters the room with a cup of coffee in his hand.

you start a conversation with him.

you explain to him what algorithmiaOfCompetencies is all about, or the instruction manual for a key competence.

you answer the questions. you draw. you explain.

you determine what yourInterlocutor expects you to do.

you set everything. you agree on the date you will send everything. you smile. you say goodbye. you leave. it is 3.10 pm.


you sit down in a nearby bar. you drink water. you write what meeting it was.

you compare expectations with results. you write conclusions down. you put dates of sending proposals in your diary.

you note a short summary in your email in which you thank yourInterlocutor for the meeting. you will send it tomorrow.

you smile. it was a good, good meeting.


you leave the bar where you were sitting. you put on your headphones.

you arrive at another, last meeting 30 minutes before. you order delicious winter tea (noon#noon).

and again you write what meeting you want it to be. you write your expectations down.

you underline what is the most important with a red coloured pencil. it is already the fourth meeting.

you greet yourInterlocutor3 – the last one. you work with him on his second competence.

you ask questions. you write answers down. and you ask questions again. skills come out and key behaviour patterns do.

algorithmia comes out.

you ask about reflection and conclusions. you can hear that it is developmental. you smile. you ask why? you put the answer down.


you feel good.

you know that you help.

you know that you teach.

the meeting finishes at 6 pm. you stay for half an hour more and?

and again, you write what meeting it was. you compare expectations with results.

you write conclusions down. you will send a supplemented summary to yourInterlocutor3 in three days’ time.


you get back home at about 7.30 pm. you play with your children.

you talk to your wife. you put your daughter to bed. you talk to her.

you read a bed-time story to her. you see her falling asleep.

at about 9.30 pm you help your wife to prepare for her presentation. you help her.

at about 11 pm you write this post.

at about 1 am you go to bed. #shortDescription


and you think: it was a fascinating day #importantFacts #factOne

and you think: my job is sometimes like travelling.

#importantFacts #factTwo



#conclusionOne travelling from one place to another is fascinating

#conclusionTwo travelling from one man to another is interesting.


it is how a traveller’s working day look like. Oh!

I’m sorry.  my working day.


you smile?