3.12.48 instead of CV.


in my life, as probably in yours, importantEvents begin with normalWords. and this time was the same.

it all began with words: shall we meet?

and we met.

#sequentialReflection: 3.12.48, or about notlookingforaJob but offeringCooperation

#quickMark: it was motivating.

#shortDescription: we met each other a few months ago. we met each other just after she had left the company. she had worked in it for a few years. and she prudently stopped working.

why? because she didn’t want to do what she was expected to do any longer. after all, it wasn’t what they talked about at first.

and she left. and met me. when she met me, she asked me: will you help me look for a job?

I replied: no, looking for a job, no.

however, I can help you put cooperationProposal to a few employers.

she was surprised and she agreed.

for a month and a half, we worked with the use of algorithmia™. we specified 3 competencies; each of them consisted of 12 skills; and each skill consisted of 4 key behaviour patterns (activity schemes).

3.12.48 was a result of our work. algorithmiaofProfessional, not a CV.

and then we used it to put a cooperationProposal to the first employer, by email and directly.

and what? and we didn’t put any other proposals. we didn’t have to.

we met each other today and I drank in her flow at the new job with great pleasure.

and you know what? she still doesn’t have a CV; she doesn’t need it any more.


#factOne: you shouldn’t look for a job. experts, professionals should put cooperationProposals.

#factTwo: specifying competences, skills and behaviour patterns helped us determine proposalsofValues for prospective employers. oh, sorry, collaborators.


#conclusionOne: it is worth knowing the algorithm of your competences exactly.

#conclusionTwo: and if you know it, then you should propose 3.12.48.

3.12.48 manual you find at manufactory.