4 years later.


a year ago. exactly a year ago, I wrote a short feature article entitled "three years later".

three years had then passed.

exactly four years have passed today. and that’s why I have written this feature article.

4 years ago, exactly on that day, I pressed the button and stopped working for someone else.

I started working for myself. I started building my own company.

paraphrasing the lyrics of one of the Polish hits, today, exactly as a year ago, I am asking myself the same question. importantQuestion.

what do I have today and what don’t I have?


I have more and more time. a bit more. for my family. for myself.

I have time to mature. adultMaturing.

I mature. I grow up. I know what is important.

I am able to give up. I do.

I give up what is not mine.

I don’t have to have everything.

I don’t have to do everything.

I don’t have to work with everyone.

I mature with my children. I watch how I together with my wife mature.

we accompany our children.

more and more of them and less and less of us.

that’s the normal thing, as a matter of fact, quite nice.


I used to have 3 companies, now I have 1.

I develop it. I specialize and extend.

I do, I perform. I know what to do to succeed, to achieve.


I have my unique modus operandi on the market. some say it's a BusinessModel.

it is both a modus operandi and a way of getting partners to work.

I trust them. I don’t sign cooperation agreements with them.


if it hadn’t been for the button, I wouldn’t have them. I wouldn’t have them if I hadn’t left.

I wouldn’t know the market from the perspective of the company owner, creator, contractor and decision-maker.

for me this world, the world of the entrepreneur is interesting.

more interesting than a corporate job on a full-time basis.


transferable competencies, i.e. I have checked, I am still checking the effectiveness on various markets and in various areas. versatility is invaluable.


I become modest, I become humble.

I am modest. I am humble.

#IhaveMyOwnPartners #IhaveMyOwnClients

I learn from them. they learn from me. we learn from one another.

they appreciate my work. they recommend me. thank you.

3 of them, without informing me, put my company’s services in this year’s budgets.


costs of my own business activities. I prepare financial statements more and more efficiently.


I generate a profit which is increasing.


the consciousness of the value of my own investment. I invest cautiously. I manage my finances differently. I know what I spend money on.


I am reliable. my company is a reliable partner.


I have tristan tresar. my name is tristan. tristan tresar.

I’m minimal. I’m black and white. I don’t like greyness and shades.

I like unambiguous business situations.



I still have many colleagues – both men and women. there are more of them.


it’s a group of people who like disputing about topics important for us.

we meet. we talk. we learn.


it’s a club of sales and marketing teams which achieve their goals again.

I merge sales departments with marketing departments.


which are successful and receive recognition.


and I don’t have:


I teach other bosses now. and I? I don’t want to have a boss anymore.


so many foreign business trips. I don’t miss them.


I ask for feedback in every situation important to me.


bonus for me means a positive financial result.


now I shorten them. I know how important it is for those who have many of them. oh, I don’t envy you that.


I help others to determine it. I have 3.12.48.




however, one thing I know is that I know it was worth it.

it was worth to press the button.

why? because I prove myself that I can use my competencies effectively in other markets. it is important to me. because it was the reason why I left the company.

so I have pros and cons. and YOU?

I wish you all, both those who do some business activities and those who don’t, best of luck.