as the years’ pass. episode 2.


a year ago. exactly a year ago, when I decided to leave the corporate world, I wrote the first of a series of short feature articles, entitled ‘two years later’.

two years had then passed.

exactly three years have passed today. and that’s why I’m writing this feature article.

3 years ago today, I left Corpoland.

paraphrasing the lyrics of a Polish hit, today, exactly as a year agoI am asking myself the same question:

what do I have today, and what don’t I have because of this fact? #importantQuestion

#IhaveTime – time for my family and myself. I have more and more time. I am maturing with my children. I watch how I - together with my wife - mature along with our children. together we learn.

#IhaveMyOwnCompany – one company. after the last year I know that I want to develop it. I used to have 3 companies, now I have 1.

I felt the bitter taste. the taste of distraction. I want to feel the taste of concentration.

#IhaveNewExperiences – I wouldn’t have them if I hadn’t left. last year I didn’t know that the world of limited companies was so difficult. this year I have learnt that the termination or dissolution thereof is even more difficult.

#IhaveCertainty – that my competencies are transferable, i.e. I have checked - and I am still checking - that they are effective on other markets and in other fields. versatility. a fine thing. it is worth living for.

#IhavePeace – I am becoming more modest, more humble. I am modest. I am humble. during the last year, I sold many of my things which I considered to be luxurious. I started with watches. and I don’t insinuate anything. all the same, it is possible to live without them.

#IhaveMyOwnPartners; #IhaveMyOwnClients – I learn from them. they appreciate my work. they recommend me. thank you.

#IhaveCosts money is no longer virtual.

#IhaveConsciousness of the value of my own investment. I invest cautiously. I manage my finances differently. I know that reciprocity dominates.

#IhaveMyOwnProducts, which are successful and receive recognition.


and I don’t have:


#Idon’tHaveAboss – I teach other bosses now. and me? I don’t want to have a boss.

But I still have many colleagues – both men and women.

#Idon’tHaveBusinessTrips so many business trips. I don’t miss them.

#Idon’tHaveAnnualAssessment – I seek feedback proactively in every situation important to me.

#Idon’tHaveAbonus - bonus for me means a positive financial result.

#Idon’tHaveLongMeetings. now I shorten them instead. I know how important it is for those who have many of them. oh, I don’t envy you at all.

#Idon’tHaveAcareerPath. I help others to determine theirs.

#Idon’tHaveAfixedSalary. I get back precisely what I put in.

#Idon’tHaveAbigBudget. to spend frivolously.


and one thing I know is that it was worth it.

why? because I proved to myself that I can use my competencies effectively on other markets. it is important to me. because it was the reason why I left the CorpoLand.

so, I have pros. no cons.

I wish you all, both those who lead some sort of business activity and those who don’t, the best of luck.