In my life

here you can find my feature articles on important events, which in my life, as probably in yours, begin with normal words.

what is important in my life is meetings with people, topics of our talks, events, literature and music.

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4 years later.


a year ago. exactly a year ago, I wrote a short feature article entitled "three years later".

three years had then passed.

exactly four years have passed today. and that’s why I have written this feature article.

4 years ago, exactly on that day, I pressed the button and stopped working for someone else.

I started working for myself. I started building my own company.

paraphrasing the lyrics of one of the Polish hits, today, exactly as a year ago, I am asking myself the same question. importantQuestion.

what do I have today and what don’t I have?

First part of entry

a year ago. exactly a year ago, when I decided to leave the corporate world, I wrote the first of a series of short feature articles, entitled ‘two years later’.

two years had then passed.

in my life, as probably in yours, #importantEvents begin with #normalWords.

and this time was the same.

it all began with word: an alien.

is it a nomad's day?


in my life, as probably in yours, importantEvents begin with simpleWords. and this time was no different.

it all began with a word: Journey.